Instructor: Rajiv Ranjan

Rs. 7,500

Course description

Financial Market is a market that facilitates to trade in financial securities and derivatives. Financial Securities includes stocks, Bonds, raw material, precious metals, etc

In this course we give an overview of the ideas, methods that permit Learners to manage their risk and make most from their investment. To make this happen our specialized trainers makes you practice in today’s market to analyse future market.

This course includes an introduction to risk management that helps identify and evaluate the unfortunate events to maximize the realization of opportunities and understanding of real-time functioning of securities, insurance, and Banking.

Skills you gain

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Mr. Rajiv Ranjan

Mr. Ranjan the investor master and a standout amongst the best securities exchange financial specialists in India began his career in wealth in the Year 2007 He has a very keen interest in Forex trading and working as a consultant for various export houses guiding them on exchange. He handled the portfolio worth $9 lakhs and managed it successfully. He actively trains in various corporate.

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