Instructor: Rajiv Ranjan

Rs. 18,000

Course description

Future comes as surprise or even a shock sometimes for many.

But with the strong forecasting technique, you can find out opportunities in disguise. We will cover how to build future forecasting skills.

In this course, you will learn how to turn clues and global forces that influence the direction of change into convincing future forecasts. Forecast helps to find new possibilities and opportunities for all sections of society, either it is an individual or a company.

We learn how to write to future scenarios. Scenarios take the forecast one step further. It sparks imagination and tells a story about what could happen if the forecast becomes reality. Forecast helps to find out how much you are ready for the change.

We will share and create few scenarios here and find out how to deal with them and later we accumulate all learning and practice it in the live environment.

You’ll get better at seeing the future before it happens. You’ll be ready to consider possibilities that others never see coming or refuse to accept. You’ll be able to help others prepare for and adapt to the future. You can decide which futures you want to make more likely, and which futures you want to prevent.

Skills You will Gain

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Mr. Rajiv Ranjan

Mr. Ranjan the investor master and a standout amongst the best securities exchange financial specialists in India began his career in wealth in the Year 2007 He has a very keen interest in Forex trading and working as a consultant for various export houses guiding them on exchange. He handled the portfolio worth $9 lakhs and managed it successfully. He actively trains in various corporate.

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